Creating Modern Elegance. Handcrafted pieces that are made in the USA. Family operated by Mike & Lori Askew. Over the last 10 years Mike has focused on GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) which included extensive training courses over a period of time. Our story is simple, we lost everything in the housing market crash in 2007 including our home we built together. We saw this an an opportunity to start something great! Our focus is the Artistry and sophistication of concrete, highlighting the features of different movement and variations in every piece.
Lori specializes in abstract acrylic paintings. The end result is a completed collaborated piece, An Original Abstract painting with a custom Featherweight Concrete frame. A finishing touch of a featherweight handcrafted concrete frame. Our work is all Artisan Designed with Elegance in mind by Mike & Lori. We enjoy spending every minute with our daughters, which is our motivation working  as hard as we do. 

When you choose a Company that thinks outside the box, the possibilities are endless!