Caring for your new concrete Countertops/Vanity/Bar Top

Do – Clean your concrete tops with a mild soap and water and a non-abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth.

Do – Clean any spills up within a timely matter. Especially wine, anything acidic and oils it will etch your new concrete surface and cause staining. Place anything that is oil or acidic on a tray.

Do – use felt pads on any countertop appliances, so it will not scratch you concrete surface.

Do Not – Use any harsh cleaners that are acidic or contain bleach, vinegar, citrus etc. this will harm your new concrete surface.

Do Not – Use anything abrasive to clean your concrete countertops.

It is recommended to use a furniture polish called The Original Beeswax once once a week after you have cleaned your countertops. It will help protect and maintain your new concrete countertops.