The Fire Table

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Green Stone Artisans presents our Custom Concrete Fire Tables!! Indoor/Outdoor

Each table is Handmade to order using our unique concrete mix and technique, with a completion time within 3-4 weeks. Each fire table will have a Rustic polished Stone look. The Sleek Stainless steel burner insert fits perfectly in the handmade surround. Powered by Ignis.

The Burner insert runs on Clean burning Ethanol. It is a VENT-LESS Fireplace that can burn indoors or outside…. That’s right. NO FUMES, NO SMOKE, NO SOOT.

Easy to use. Fill the Stainless steel insert with the Ethanol. Use a candle lighter to ignite the burner. The flames will increase after 10 minutes of use, You will also see the flames dance creating a soothing ambiance Ideal for entertaining guest. (as seen in the link here). The Flame height will vary. Indoor the flames are modest, they will reach 4- 8 Inches. Outside where there is more oxygen available the flames will increase to 10-14 inches. This burner is not just for entertaining though. It does emit 6,000 BTU’s of heat. comparable to a high end electric heater. It will warm up that cold and drafty room in the fall and winter months.

Easy to kill the flame as well. The concrete fire burner comes with a shut off lever. Close the lid and the flame instantly goes out.

Custom fire table includes safety manual, Stainless steel insert, and a shut off lever.

***Does Not Include fuel***    can be purchased at

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